General Dentistry

Serving residents throughout Nassau Bay, TX and beyond, our dental practice offers general dentistry services that help our patients achieve and maintain optimal oral health.

From routine checkups to teeth cleanings, we operate a dental practice that is committed to providing comprehensive oral healthcare in a compassionate and serene setting. When choosing Artistic Smiles for your oral healthcare needs, rest assured that our dentist Dr. Angela Gonzalez and our team will provide high-quality care tailored to your unique needs.

Dental Exams and Teeth Cleanings

Achieving and preserving oral health begins with a commitment to receiving regular professional care. Dental checkups and teeth cleanings every six months are vital for preventing common dental diseases and providing conservative treatment before potential problems advance into more problematic conditions.

Dental Exams

During your checkups, Dr. Gonzalez performs a thorough oral examination and utilizes diagnostics to evaluate the health of the entire oral cavity, including the jawbones, gums, and all structures of teeth. Beyond looking for common issues like dental caries (cavities) and gum disease, our team will also screen you for oral cancer and TMJ disorder.

At Artistic Smiles, we use the latest in diagnostic technology to provide you with the most accurate diagnoses and to help educate you about your oral health. Digital x-rays, panoramic x-rays, and intraoral cameras let you see what we see, allowing us to point out areas of concern and helping you understand why you need treatment. We also use 3-D cone beam imaging and intraoral scanners to take comfortable digital impressions of your teeth

Teeth Cleanings

Teeth cleanings are just as important as routine checkups. When we brush and floss our teeth, some harmful substances get left behind and eventually buildup along the gum line. This is why self-care is not enough to keep teeth free of tartar.

Cleanings involve removing all of these harmful substances with special handheld tools. Since our dental hygienists examine your teeth and gums so carefully, we can detect signs of periodontal (gum) disease and a thinning of tooth enamel. We can also determine if you are practicing proper oral hygiene; if your brushing and flossing fall short, our team can give recommendations for improving it.

Sedation Dentistry

Having dental phobias is not uncommon, and we understand that anxiety is a problem for some of our patients. While our dental practice is a serene and safe place, we try to accommodate the needs of all our patients, including those who are fearful of receiving dental treatment.

To help combat uneasiness and anxiety, we offer sedation dentistry services. Sedation dentistry provides peace of mind by preventing the chemical reactions that lead to feelings of panic and worry.

Dr. Gonzalez may administer nitrous oxide gas through a comfortable nasal mask or sedatives via IV or oral tablets. Depending on your needs, and the nature of the treatment, the type of sedation we recommend can vary.

Please Call to Arrange Your Next Dental Exam

Think of your mouth as the gateway to your body. Every day there’s new evidence that infections in the mouth such as gum disease impact other bodily systems and threaten your overall health and well-being.

Scheduling dental exams and teeth cleanings at our Nassau Bay, TX dental office every six months are essential to maintain excellent oral health. Please call Artistic Smiles today to arrange a convenient dental appointment with Dr. Angela Gonzalez.