Periodontal Disease Treatment

Gum disease is a serious condition that can affect your general wellbeing and destroy your oral health. Millions of people develop gum (periodontal) disease each year; in fact, estimates show that about four out of every five adults develop this condition.

Since it afflicts so many people, Artistic Smiles offers gum disease treatment at our Nassau Bay, TX dental office to help manage the disease and prevent its progression. During checkups and dental cleanings, Dr. Gonzalez and our team look for signs of irritated and inflamed gums. If we detect gum disease, we will determine its stage and develop a course of treatment.

The Onset and Progression of Gum Disease

In many cases, when gum disease begins to develop, the symptoms are barely noticeable, and many cases of early-stage periodontal disease don't show any symptoms at all.

In simple terms, periodontal disease is the widespread infection and irritation of gingival (gum) tissue. In the beginning stages, it’s called gingivitis. At this point, gum disease is curable if detected and addressed early on with adequate oral hygiene and professional treatment. Common indicators of periodontal disease include gum recession, bleeding gums, red and swollen gum tissue, persistent bad breath, and loosening of the teeth.

Advanced gum disease called periodontitis, however, requires frequent monitoring and treatment to manage its destructive nature. When periodontal disease advances, patients experience bone deterioration, recession of the gums, and tooth loss. Additionally, the widespread infection in the mouth can spread throughout the body through the bloodstream.

Gum Disease Treatment

The treatment we choose for gum disease depends on the severity of the condition. We can often treat early-stage gum disease at our Nassau Bay, TX dental office by recommending improved oral hygiene and staying current with regularly scheduled prophylaxis (dental cleanings).

More thorough dental cleanings, called root planing and scaling, may be administered to remove the accumulation of tartar below the gum line and along the roots of teeth. This minimally invasive treatment can help prevent the progression of periodontal disease and give gingival tissue a chance to heal and reattach to the teeth.

If we are providing root scaling and planing, we will break your treatment down into two or more visits for your comfort. Those with more advanced cases of gum disease may require minor oral surgery, gum grafting procedures, antibiotic medications, and mouth rinses. For complex and severe instances of periodontal disease, Dr. Gonzalez might refer patients to a periodontal specialist.

Do You Worry That You Have Gum Disease?

Symptoms of gum disease such as tender or swollen gums are common, but you may not notice any symptoms at all. Call our Nassau Bay, TX dental practice at (281) 316-8900 to schedule a teeth cleaning appointment. If we find signs of gum disease, we’ll provide the treatment you need to restore your oral health and prevent further complications.