Root Canals

Just like the external structures of teeth, the inside of a tooth is vulnerable to disease and damage, too. When the inside of a tooth is damaged, root canal therapy is often necessary to save it from extraction and other oral health complications.

Root canal treatment at our Nassau Bay, TX dental office also relieves the intense pain caused by a dental abscess or infected tooth. If you’re in pain, call Dr. Angela Gonzalez to determine if an infected root canal is the source of the problem.

The Root Canal

Inside each tooth is a chamber that contains the nerve endings of teeth as well as cellular material called “dental pulp.” When a tooth is healthy, it protects the root canal from debris and thousands of oral bacteria in the mouth.

But severe damage to a tooth such as chipping or cracking, along with untreated tooth decay, can expose the root canal and the pulp to oral bacteria and debris. When the root canal is exposed to these irritants, it is very susceptible to infection. Once the nerve endings and dental pulp become infected, the tooth is at significant risk for abscessing or dying.

What Root Canal Treatment Does

When a root canal is damaged and infected, Dr. Gonzalez uses diagnostic technology to determine if we can salvage the tooth with root canal therapy at our Nassau Bay, TX dental office. In many cases, this treatment prevents the death of the tooth as well as the need for extraction. Root canal therapy also alleviates the significant toothache caused by having infected nerve endings inside the tooth.

The Root Canal Procedure

After we administer a local anesthetic, our dental team accesses the root canal with small, specialized tools. Dr. Gonzalez removes the pulp and nerve endings from the root canal and irrigates it to flush out debris and bacteria.

Once the process is completed, she fills the root canal with a rubber-like compound that preserves the internal structure of the tooth. Some patients may require a dental crown after root canal therapy to protect and strengthen the tooth.

Your Comfort Is Our Priority

Since we use local anesthetics and can administer nitrous oxide gas or an oral sedative, our patients report positive experiences and a comfortable procedure. In fact, many people say that receiving a root canal does not feel much different from receiving a filling.

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If you have a painful, infected tooth, Dr. Gonzalez needs to treat it as soon as possible to save your tooth. Please don’t put off treatment because of anxiety; the pain will worsen, and eventually, we would need to remove the tooth. We’ll make your comfort a priority so you can get the critical treatment you need to protect your smile.

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